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On March 2, 1987, Apple introduced the world to the Apple Extended Keyboard, a pointing device designed to be part of the Apple Keyboard series. This new keyboard featured new Function Keys on the top row and was designed to be compatible with both the Macintosh and Apple II product lines.

With its sleek design and advanced features, the Apple Extended Keyboard quickly gained popularity among Apple enthusiasts. The keyboard used the new input connection method, the Apple Desktop BUS (ADB), which was a major upgrade from previous models.

However, the Apple Extended Keyboard’s time in the spotlight was short-lived. On October 15, 1990, Apple decided to discontinue the keyboard and replace it with the Apple Extended Keyboard II. Despite this, the Apple Extended Keyboard remains a beloved piece of technology for many Apple fans and collectors.

Today, the Apple Extended Keyboard is 37 years old, and it’s clear that it has left a lasting impact on the world of technology. Its advanced features and sleek design set a new standard for keyboards at the time, and it’s still remembered fondly by those who used it.

The Apple Extended Keyboard was sold separately for $163, and it is a piece of tech history that has stood the test of time.

Apple Extended Keyboard
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Apple Extended Keyboard Details

IntroducedMarch 2, 1987
DiscontinuedOctober 15, 1990
Model NumberM0115
Original Price$163

System Requirements

  • Apple II or Macintosh with ADB port

Keyboard Specs

Keys in Total105
Special1 – Power
15 – Function keys
Cursor-control4 (T-style)



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