• Accessory Developer Assistant

    Apple Quietly Launches New App Store app for Accessory Makers

    Apple has quietly added a new app to its App Store called the “Accessory Developer Assistant”. While not publicly listed in the App Store, the app is available via a direct link and is intended for accessory makers looking to “test and verify” their new products’ compatibility with Apple devices. The app comes with a…

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  • Apple App Store

    Apple Unveils Over 900 New Price Points for App Store Purchases

    Apple has announced that its App Store is expanding its range of price points, now making them available to developers for all App Store purchase options, including paid apps and one-time in-app purchases. Originally introduced in December, the updated pricing options were only available for auto-renewable subscriptions. Apple said at the time that pricing changes…

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  • App Store

    Apple Introduces Peer Group Benchmarks to Help Developers Track app Performance

    Apple has introduced a new dashboard called “peer group benchmarks” that allows developers to track their apps’ performance in comparison to other similar apps. This new feature appears within App Analytics, a tool that is already offered as part of App Store Connect. The dashboard offers percentile data on how an app compares in certain…

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  • Bluesky app

    Bluesky: A Simplified Version of Twitter with Decentralization at its Core

    Former Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey left the social media giant in May 2022 amid negotiations with Elon Musk. Since then, he has been working on a new decentralized social network called Bluesky, which aims to compete with Twitter. This week, the Bluesky app was officially made available in the iOS App Store, but…

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  • European Union

    Apple Faces Potential $39.4 Billion Fine From EU Over App Store Rules

    Apple is facing a potential $39.4 billion fine from the European Union (EU) after the European Commission announced it had issued a Statement of Objections against the company over concerns regarding its App Store rules for music streaming services that compete against Apple Music. The Commission is alleging that “Apple’s anti-steering obligations are unfair trading…

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  • iOS 16 on WWDC 22

    Apple Celebrates Success as iOS 16 Installed on Over 70% of iPhones Globally

    Apple has recently announced that a staggering 72% of all iPhones now have a version of iOS 16 installed on them, with a further 81% of all iPhones introduced within the last four years using a version of the updated operating system. These figures were obtained through a recent update to the Apple Developer webpage,…

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