• Hermes Apple Watch Band

    Hermès Offers Apple Watch Series 9 with Leather Bands Amidst Apple’s Sustainability Push

    In a surprising turn of events, Hermès, renowned for its opulent craftsmanship, continues to offer the latest Apple Watch Series 9 with its signature leather bands, despite Apple’s recent commitment to eco-conscious materials. This revelation comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement of the Series 9, which, while retaining the beloved design of its predecessor,…

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  • Apple Watch Hermes Band

    Hermès Drops Apple Watch Collaboration Ahead of ‘Wonderlust’ Event

    In a surprising move ahead of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone and Apple Watch event on September 12, luxury fashion house Hermès has taken a bold step by removing all references to Apple Watches and compatible bands from its website. This unexpected development raises questions about the future of the renowned partnership between Hermès and Apple.…

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  • Apple Watch Pride Edition Band 2023

    Apple has Released Limited-Edition Pride Band for Apple Watch

    In a bold and vibrant move, Apple has released its highly anticipated Pride Edition band for the Apple Watch. Designed as a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, this stunning accessory is now available for purchase on Apple.com and the Apple Store app, with in-store availability starting from May 24. Priced at $49, this limited-edition band…

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  • Apple Watch Pride Edition 2023

    Apple Unveils Unique 2023 Pride Band for Apple Watch

    Apple has unveiled its latest offering for the LGBTQ+ community: the new 2023 Pride band for Apple Watch. This time, the Pride Edition Sport Band features a speckled rainbow of colored pills on a white background. According to Apple, the band will be available for purchase from Apple Stores starting May 24. To complete the…

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  • Apple Watch

    Apple’s New Patent Reveals Integrated NFC Module for Apple Watch Bands

    Apple has been granted a patent for a new Apple Watch band with an integrated NFC module, according to reports from Patently Apple. While the technology could enable a range of features, including dynamic UI changes and app toggling, there is concern that it could be used to crack down on third-party watch bands. The…

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  • Apple Watch Ultra

    Wearable Band Market Suffers Double-Digit Decline in Q4 2022, According to Canalys Report

    Canalys, the renowned research group that provides insights on technology markets, has recently released its latest estimates on the wearable band market, and the results are not very promising. According to their report, the wearable band market suffered a challenging fourth quarter (Q4) of 2022, with an 18% shipment decline to reach 50 million units.…

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  • Apple Watch Bands Spring 2023

    Apple Unveils 19 New Apple Watch Bands and Hermès Collaboration

    Apple has released 19 new Apple Watch bands, providing users with a range of fresh color options for their smartwatches. The tech giant also launched a new line of bands for its Apple Watch Hermès collaboration, called the “Hermès Casaque” line. The Solo Loop bands are available in Sprout Green, Canary Yellow, Olive, and Purple…

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  • Apple Watch Bands

    The Future of Apple Watch Bands: Patent Reveals Color-Changing Capabilities

    Apple has been granted a patent that may seem like something straight out of science fiction. The company has developed a color-changing Apple Watch band that users can customize through an accompanying Watch app. The patent even describes the band’s ability to display “icons, shapes, and text” and change colors to signify notifications. The technology…

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