• Google

    Eddy Cue Defends Google as Default Search Engine on iPhone

    In the ongoing tech saga between Google and Apple, the default search engine on iPhones has become a hot topic of discussion. While both tech giants may have their differences, Apple’s Senior Vice President, Eddy Cue, staunchly defends Google as the only viable option. Despite the ongoing antitrust investigation surrounding Google’s dominance, Cue’s recent testimony…

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  • Eddy Cue Interview

    Eddy Cue Maps Out Apple’s Sports Domination Strategy in Exclusive Interview

    In an exclusive interview with GQ, Apple’s luminary Eddy Cue lays out his vision for Apple’s burgeoning sports ventures. The tech giant’s foray into the sporting realm has been nothing short of groundbreaking, with Cue eyeing even grander prospects on the horizon. Cue exudes confidence in the triumph of the Apple-MLS partnership, particularly after the…

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