• Apple Pencil and iPad 10th gen

    Apple Unveils iPad 10th Gen Featuring eSIM Support in China

    In a remarkable stride towards innovation, Apple has just revealed an upgraded version of its 10th-generation iPad, now equipped with eSIM technology, exclusively tailored for users in mainland China. Eager tech enthusiasts can look forward to pre-ordering this groundbreaking device from October 19, with the official release slated for October 25. As per the latest…

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  • iPhone 15 Pink

    eSIM-Only iPhone 15 Will be Exclusive to the US Market

    In a groundbreaking move last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 14 as the world’s first eSIM-only device, revolutionizing the way we use SIM cards. However, this technological leap forward came with a catch – the eSIM-only feature was exclusively available to users within the United States. Despite initial speculations of a global rollout, the rest…

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  • iPhone 14 eSIM

    Apple Plans to Ditch Physical SIM Cards for iPhone 15 in France

    Apple is reportedly planning to launch its iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models without a SIM card tray in France later this year, according to the French website MacGeneration. This would mean that these devices would only work with eSIMs for cellular connectivity. While this move is new for France, Apple has already removed…

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