• Hermes Apple Watch Band

    Apple Watch Leather Bands Rumored to Be Discontinued as Series 9 Launch Nears

    As the tech world eagerly anticipates Apple’s upcoming special event, slated to unveil a slew of groundbreaking products, rumors are swirling regarding potential changes to iPhone and Apple Watch accessories. While speculations have previously hinted at Apple replacing iPhone leather cases with alternative materials, it appears that a similar transformation might be in store for…

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  • Apple Watch Bands Spring 2023

    Apple Unveils 19 New Apple Watch Bands and Hermès Collaboration

    Apple has released 19 new Apple Watch bands, providing users with a range of fresh color options for their smartwatches. The tech giant also launched a new line of bands for its Apple Watch Hermès collaboration, called the “Hermès Casaque” line. The Solo Loop bands are available in Sprout Green, Canary Yellow, Olive, and Purple…

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