• App Store

    Italy Joins France and Germany in Investigating Apple’s App Store Privacy Policies

    Apple’s App Tracking Transparency rules have been under scrutiny by antitrust regulators for some time now, and Italy’s competition watchdog is the latest to investigate the company’s privacy policies. This follows recent investigations by the European Union, France, and Germany into Apple’s practices, which have raised concerns that the company is unfairly favoring its apps…

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  • Apple Headquaters

    Apple Faces Regulatory Scrutiny over Tax Agreement in California

    Apple’s tax agreement with its hometown of Cupertino is under audit by state regulators in California. According to Bloomberg, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration began auditing the agreement between Apple and the City of Cupertino in 2021. The audit focused on how Apple treats online sales. Apple’s arrangement with Cupertino is such…

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  • Apple Store UK

    UK Watchdog Drops Apple Browser and Gaming Policies Probe After Appeal

    Apple has won an appeal that will force the UK regulators to drop their investigation into the company’s policies on mobile browsers and cloud gaming services, according to a report by Reuters. The UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA) had launched an investigation into Apple and Google’s cloud gaming and mobile browser restrictions, suggesting that…

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  • AirTag Tracking

    AirTags Reveal Most Donated Shoes in Singapore’s Recycling Program Were Not Recycled

    Singaporean government and chemical producer Dow has come under scrutiny following an investigation into their shoe recycling program. The initiative, launched in 2022, aimed to recycle the rubber soles and midsoles of donated shoes into material for constructing playgrounds and running tracks. However, a recent report has revealed that most of the donated shoes were…

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