• Sealed iPhone 2G

    Sealed 4 GB Original iPhone Sets New Auction Record

    In a surprising turn of events, an extraordinary piece of tech history has shattered all expectations at a recent auction. A sealed original iPhone, a unique model with a 4 GB storage variant that was only available for a limited time, soared past previous records and sold for an astonishing $158,000. This remarkable sale marks…

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  • Original iPhone

    Marques Brownlee Unboxes Sealed First-Generation iPhone

    Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, is a prominent tech YouTuber and content creator with millions of followers. He recently revealed that he had purchased a sealed first-generation iPhone with a “Lucky You” sticker on the packaging for $40,320. The purchase was made in April, during an auction where the threshold was set between $40,000…

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