• AirTag

    Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over AirTag Stalking Concerns

    Apple, the tech giant known for its innovative products, is currently entangled in a class-action lawsuit concerning its AirTag tracking devices. Plaintiffs allege that these devices have been linked to multiple tragic incidents. The lawsuit contends that Apple has not taken sufficient measures to safeguard individuals from potential stalking and dangerous tracking. Apple asserts that…

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  • Wi-Fi

    Apple Resolves 7-Year Wi-Fi Chip Patent Battle with Caltech

    In a dramatic turn of events, Apple and its Wi-Fi chip supplier, Broadcom, have finally put an end to a prolonged legal battle with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), reports Reuters. After seven long years of courtroom clashes and legal wrangling, this tech saga has come to a close, marking a significant milestone in…

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  • Apple Pay

    Apple Faces Antitrust Lawsuit Over Apple Pay Dominance

    In a significant legal battle that could reshape the digital payments landscape, Apple finds itself at the center of an antitrust lawsuit. A federal judge, Jeffrey White of the California Northern District, has refused to dismiss a proposed class-action suit brought forth by three credit unions. These financial institutions allege that Apple Pay not only…

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  • Epic Games

    Apple Holds Ground on App Store Rules Amid Ongoing Epic Battle, Backed by Supreme Court

    In the ever-evolving saga between tech giant Apple and gaming powerhouse Epic Games, the U.S. Supreme Court has now weighed in, ruling that Apple can stand its ground with its current “anti-steering” App Store rules. This decision maintains the status quo as the courtroom drama unfolds, reported by none other than Bloomberg Law. At the…

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  • Tetris film Apple TV+

    Apple TV+ Faces Legal Battle Over “Tetris” Movie

    In a surprising turn of events, Apple TV+ finds itself entangled in a legal battle following the premiere of its highly anticipated “Tetris” movie starring Taron Egerton in March. While the film has garnered praise for its portrayal of the true story behind the iconic puzzle game’s journey to the United States, a cloud of…

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  • Xcode

    Apple Faces New Class Action Lawsuit in the UK as 1,500 Developers Denounce App Store Fee and Monopoly

    In a stunning development, Apple is now under siege from a class action lawsuit in the UK, filed by over 1,500 app developers. The lawsuit alleges that the tech giant’s App Store fee is exorbitant and a direct consequence of Apple’s dominant position in the app distribution market. Apple has long been charging developers a…

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  • MacBook Keyboard

    Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Settlement Receives Final Approval: MacBook Users to Receive Payouts

    In a long-awaited development, Apple’s settlement for the class-action lawsuit concerning its ill-fated butterfly keyboard design has finally received the green light. The $50 million settlement, reached in November, is now set to compensate affected MacBook users with payouts ranging from $50 to $395. The butterfly keyboard initially debuted in 2015 with the 12-inch MacBook.…

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  • iOS

    US Court Rules in Favor of Corellium in Copyright Battle with Apple

    After a long battle in court, Apple faced a significant defeat this week as a US court ruled that Corellium, a company selling virtual iOS devices without authorization, is not infringing any copyrights with its products. The case, which was opened in August 2019, saw both companies almost reaching a settlement in 2021, but the…

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  • iPhone Battery

    Apple Battles Accusations of “Hiding Defective Batteries” in UK Lawsuit

    Apple is facing a $2 billion lawsuit in the United Kingdom over its controversial decision to throttle older iPhones as their battery health degraded. This lawsuit accuses the company of “hiding defective batteries in millions of iPhones” by throttling the performance of those devices. The lawsuit is valued at 1.6 billion pounds plus interest, which…

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  • watchOS 9

    Apple Watch Trade Secrets Lawsuit Ends in Deadlock for Masimo

    Masimo, a medical firm that has accused Apple of stealing trade secrets to develop the Apple Watch, has had its ongoing US District Court lawsuit against the tech giant end in a mistrial on Monday. Masimo had won a preliminary case with the International Trade Commission, but it also brought charges against Apple in front…

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