• Samsung

    Younger South Koreans Embrace iPhone, Defying Samsung’s Dominance

    A notable shift is underway in South Korea’s smartphone landscape as younger users under 30 are increasingly opting for iPhones over Android devices. This surprising trend challenges the longstanding tradition of patriotic support for local brands, especially Samsung, which has enjoyed a dominant position in the country’s smartphone market. Recent research by Counterpoint reveals that…

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  • iPad 2022

    Redesigned Entry-Level iPad Dominates the US Tablet Market, Outpacing PC Sales

    Apple’s strategic decision to update its entry-level iPad last year with a sleek all-screen design has proven to be a resounding success. Recent market intelligence data indicates that the tech giant experienced substantial growth in iPad shipments during the first quarter of this year. Canalys, a leading market research firm, estimates that iPad sales surged…

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  • Apple Store

    German Antitrust Regulator Targets Apple for Special Measures to Prevent Market Dominance Abuse

    German antitrust regulator, the Bundeskartellamt, has designated Apple as a legitimate target for special measures that are designed to prevent abuse of market dominance. This comes shortly after Apple successfully blocked a UK antitrust action against the company. The Bundeskartellamt began investigating App Tracking Transparency back in June of last year, with the investigation concluding…

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