• Wi-Fi

    Apple Resolves 7-Year Wi-Fi Chip Patent Battle with Caltech

    In a dramatic turn of events, Apple and its Wi-Fi chip supplier, Broadcom, have finally put an end to a prolonged legal battle with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), reports Reuters. After seven long years of courtroom clashes and legal wrangling, this tech saga has come to a close, marking a significant milestone in…

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  • Nokia logo

    Nokia and Apple Forge New Patent Agreement

    In an exciting turn of events, Nokia has recently unveiled a groundbreaking patent cross-license agreement with tech giant Apple, signaling a significant shift in their long-standing relationship. This landmark deal replaces the previous arrangement that was set to expire later this year and sets the stage for a fruitful partnership between two industry behemoths. The…

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  • Apple Watch Series 6

    Federal Jury to Hear Masimo’s Patent Infringement Claims Against Apple Watch

    Masimo, a medical technology company, is set to bring its patent infringement claims against Apple to the US District Court for the Central District of California in a 10-day trial that started on Tuesday. The lawsuit claims that Apple has violated patents related to blood oxygen sensing technology in its Apple Watch SE and Series…

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  • Apple Watch

    Apple Patents New Technology for Precise Gesture Control on Apple Watch

    Apple has filed a patent application for “Electrodes For Gesture Recognition,” detailing a new approach to gesture control for the Apple Watch. The application describes how electrodes integrated into the Watch band could detect muscle movement and minute electrical activity to recognize hand and finger gestures. This would allow for more precise recognition of gestures…

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  • AirPods Pro

    Apple Patents AirPods Case with Interactive Display

    AirPods have been a popular choice for wireless earbuds since their initial release in 2016, but they have remained largely dependent on an iPhone or other nearby device. However, a recent patent granted to Apple by the US Patent & Trademark Office suggests that this could be changing in the near future. The patent details…

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  • Apple

    Apple Wins Appeals Verdict in Decade-Long Patent Dispute with VirnetX

    Apple has been locked in a legal battle with patent-holding company VirnetX for over a decade now, but a recent verdict from the US Court of Appeals could save the tech giant from paying VirnetX $502.8 million in patent infringement fees. According to a recent report by Reuters, the US Court of Appeals for the…

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  • Apple Watch

    Apple’s New Patent Reveals Integrated NFC Module for Apple Watch Bands

    Apple has been granted a patent for a new Apple Watch band with an integrated NFC module, according to reports from Patently Apple. While the technology could enable a range of features, including dynamic UI changes and app toggling, there is concern that it could be used to crack down on third-party watch bands. The…

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  • Apple’s Latest Patent Tackles Electric Vehicle Charging Issues

    Apple’s foray into the electric vehicle market has been a hot topic of discussion for years, and recent reports suggest that the company is inching closer to bringing its electric car to the market. The latest development in this regard is a patent that has been granted to the company for “thermal control systems for…

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  • Foldable iPhone Concept

    New Patent Application Reveals Apple’s Solution to Protect Foldable Screens

    Apple has been working on a solution to make its foldable devices, such as iPhones or iPads, less susceptible to damage when dropped. A recently revealed patent application, called “Self-Retracting Display Device and Techniques for Protecting Screen Using Drop Detection”, describes ways in which the company plans to protect these types of devices. Foldable devices…

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  • Apple Car

    Apple’s Latest Patent Hints at Night Vision for its Autonomous Car

    Apple, the tech giant known for revolutionizing the mobile phone and personal computer industries, has been making headlines with its rumored entry into the autonomous vehicle market. While the company has been tight-lipped about its plans, a recent patent granted to Apple suggests that the company is continuing to develop advanced technology for its potential…

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