• Apple Watch

    Apple’s New Patent Reveals Integrated NFC Module for Apple Watch Bands

    Apple has been granted a patent for a new Apple Watch band with an integrated NFC module, according to reports from Patently Apple. While the technology could enable a range of features, including dynamic UI changes and app toggling, there is concern that it could be used to crack down on third-party watch bands. The…

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  • Apple’s Latest Patent Tackles Electric Vehicle Charging Issues

    Apple’s foray into the electric vehicle market has been a hot topic of discussion for years, and recent reports suggest that the company is inching closer to bringing its electric car to the market. The latest development in this regard is a patent that has been granted to the company for “thermal control systems for…

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  • Foldable iPhone Concept

    New Patent Application Reveals Apple’s Solution to Protect Foldable Screens

    Apple has been working on a solution to make its foldable devices, such as iPhones or iPads, less susceptible to damage when dropped. A recently revealed patent application, called “Self-Retracting Display Device and Techniques for Protecting Screen Using Drop Detection”, describes ways in which the company plans to protect these types of devices. Foldable devices…

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  • Apple Car

    Apple’s Latest Patent Hints at Night Vision for its Autonomous Car

    Apple, the tech giant known for revolutionizing the mobile phone and personal computer industries, has been making headlines with its rumored entry into the autonomous vehicle market. While the company has been tight-lipped about its plans, a recent patent granted to Apple suggests that the company is continuing to develop advanced technology for its potential…

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  • Headset

    Apple’s Latest Patent for Headset Continuity Points to More Integrated Ecosystem

    Apple has applied for a patent for its Apple Headset Continuity feature, which would allow users to transfer documents and audio seamlessly between devices, including the much-anticipated Reality Pro headset. The feature is part of Apple’s broader Continuity feature, which allows users to switch between devices with ease. While this feature already exists, the new…

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  • HomeKit Secure Video

    Apple’s Latest Patent Hints at its Own Line of HomeKit-Compatible Security Cameras

    Apple has been granted a new patent that could pave the way for the tech giant to develop its own line of HomeKit-compatible security cameras. The patent, which was granted under number 11589010 B2, pertains to computer user interfaces and more specifically, to techniques for managing camera views and visitors. In the patent, Apple notes…

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  • Apple Watch Bands

    The Future of Apple Watch Bands: Patent Reveals Color-Changing Capabilities

    Apple has been granted a patent that may seem like something straight out of science fiction. The company has developed a color-changing Apple Watch band that users can customize through an accompanying Watch app. The patent even describes the band’s ability to display “icons, shapes, and text” and change colors to signify notifications. The technology…

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  • Foldable Apple Device

    New Patent Sparks Rumors of Apple’s First Foldable Device Launch

    Apple has once again been granted a new patent, this time for a foldable device that features a clamshell design and touch-sensitive areas on the sides that serve as virtual buttons. The patent, which was filed in April 2021, explores ideas for “Electronic Devices With Display and Touch Sensor Structures” and envisions how parts of…

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  • Dynamic Island UI

    The Dynamic Island Evolution: Apple’s New Patent May Change Everything!

    Apple has been granted a patent that could revolutionize the way Face ID and other sensors are embedded into the iPhone. The new approach appears to be an evolution of Dynamic Island technology but applied in a more flexible manner. Apple’s initial attempt to embed Face ID into the iPhone was the notorious notch, which…

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  • Home app

    Future of HomeKit Automation: Apple’s New Patent Explained

    Apple is seeking to revolutionize the smart home experience with the latest version of HomeKit. A recently-granted patent, “Using In-home Location Awareness“, suggests that Apple wants to create a system that automatically takes actions based on user habits, without the need for manual setup. The temperature and humidity sensors in the latest HomePod, now also…

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