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Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard Explained

On September 15, 1986, Apple introduced the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard as part of their Apple Keyboard series. The keyboard was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple and was a pointing device for both the Macintosh and Apple II series.

One of the key features of the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard was its integrated numeric keypad. This was a new addition to the keyboard and made it more versatile for users who needed to input numbers frequently. The keyboard also used the new input connection method, the Apple Desktop BUS (ADB), which allowed for easy compatibility with both product lines.

However, on October 15, 1990, Apple decided to discontinue the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard. Today, the keyboard is 37 years old and is no longer in production. Despite this, the keyboard has left a lasting impression on Apple’s history and is still remembered by many as a classic piece of technology.

While the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard may no longer be in production, it remains a significant part of Apple’s history and continues to be remembered by fans of the brand. As technology continues to evolve, it’s interesting to look back and see how far we’ve come and the impact that certain products have had on shaping the industry.

Apple IIGS Woz edition and Apple Monochrome Monitor
Source: / Photo credit: Tony Diaz – Apple IIGS Woz edition and Apple Monochrome Monitor

Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard Details

IntroducedSeptember 15, 1986
DiscontinuedOctober 15, 1990
Model NumberA9M0330
Original PriceUnknown
Weight2.25 Ibs.
1.02 KG
Dimensions1.75” H x 16.6” W x 5.6” D
4.44 cm H x 42.16 cm W x 14.22 cm D

System Requirements

Keyboard Specs

Keys in Total81
Special1 – Power



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