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Apple Mighty Mouse
Source: – Apple Mighty Mouse

From 2005 to 2017, the tech world was graced by the presence of Apple’s Mighty Mouse, a revolutionary addition to the realm of computer peripherals. As part of the renowned Apple Mouse series, this iconic pointing device left an indelible mark on the industry, showcasing Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience.

Introduced on August 2, 2005, the Mighty Mouse stood out from its predecessors with a plethora of new features. It boasted four functional controls: left and right capacitive sensors, a trackball equipped with a pressure sensor, and side squeeze sensors. This innovative design redefined user interaction, offering seamless navigation and enhanced productivity.

One of the Mighty Mouse’s standout features was its revolutionary trackball, allowing users to scroll in any direction, including diagonally. This intuitive functionality provided a new level of flexibility and control, transforming the way users interacted with their digital environment.

Crafted from sleek white plastic adorned with the iconic Apple logo, the Mighty Mouse exuded elegance and sophistication. Its minimalist design seamlessly integrated with Apple’s aesthetic ethos, embodying both form and function.

The touch-sensitive top shell, coupled with the pressure-sensing trackball, eliminated the need for mechanical buttons, offering a smooth and responsive user experience. The mouse emitted a subtle clicking sound when activated, adding a tactile element to its operation.

Despite its advanced features, the Mighty Mouse retained a user-friendly design, making it accessible to many consumers. However, some users encountered challenges with maintenance, as the scroll ball could become clogged with dirt over time, necessitating periodic cleaning.

Apple Mighty Mouse
Source: – Apple Mighty Mouse

The Mighty Mouse’s impact extended beyond its functional capabilities, transcending into the realms of popular culture and nostalgia. Prior to its launch, Apple secured a license to the name “Mighty Mouse” from Viacom, drawing upon the legacy of the beloved cartoon character. While the trademark initially did not cover computer peripherals, the Mighty Mouse quickly carved out its legacy in the tech world.

Offered in both wired and wireless variants, the Mighty Mouse provided versatility and convenience, catering to the diverse needs of Mac users. Its seamless integration with USB and Bluetooth 2.0 exemplified Apple’s commitment to connectivity and innovation.

Despite its acclaim and popularity, the Mighty Mouse bid farewell on June 5, 2017, concluding its remarkable 11-year tenure. While its lifespan may seem short in retrospect, the Mighty Mouse’s impact on the industry and its enduring legacy continue to resonate with enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Today, 18 years since its debut, the Mighty Mouse remains a coveted item among vintage tech aficionados, serving as a cherished relic of a bygone era.

Apple Mighty Mouse
Source: – Apple Mighty Mouse

Apple Mighty Mouse Details

IntroducedAugust 2, 2005 (Wired) – 18 years ago
July 25, 2006 (Wireless) – 17 years ago
DiscontinuedOctober 20, 2009 (Wireless) – 14 years ago
June 5, 2017 (Wired) – 6 years ago
Time on the Market11 years
Model NumberA1152 (Wired)
A1197 (Wireless)
Order NumberMA086LL/A (Wired)
MB112LL/A (Wired)
MB112LL/B (Wired)
MA272LL/A (Wireless)
Original Price$49 (Wired)
$69 (Wireless)

System Requirements

Mouse Specs

TrackingOptical (Wired)
Laser (Wireless)
Buttons4 with 360-degree Scroll Ball


ConnectionUSB 2.0 (Wired)
Bluetooth 2.0 (Wireless)


PowerOne or Two AA Batteries (Wireless)

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