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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it’s essential to take a moment to appreciate the devices that paved the way for today’s innovations. One such device is Apple’s StyleWriter, a printer that made its debut on March 1, 1991, as part of the Apple Printer series.

While this printer may now be considered a relic of the past, it holds a special place in the hearts of Apple enthusiasts and vintage technology collectors. Join us as we delve into the fascinating story of the StyleWriter and reflect on its impact in an era of constant technological progress.

Apple’s StyleWriter was more than just a printer; it was a symbol of Apple’s commitment to providing high-quality and user-friendly devices. In an era dominated by dot matrix printers, StyleWriter introduced inkjet technology to the consumer market. Boasting a printing resolution of up to 360 dpi and a printing speed of one page per minute, the StyleWriter was a true marvel at the time.

While monochromatic by today’s standards, the StyleWriter’s single printing color was a significant improvement over its contemporaries. It offered users the ability to print in four different font families: Times, Helvetica, Courier, and Symbol, ensuring versatility in printing documents with a touch of personalization. The printer’s serial connection port facilitated easy integration with Apple computers of the time, allowing for a seamless printing experience.

Despite its impressive specifications and capabilities, the StyleWriter’s journey came to an end just two years after its initial release. On January 1, 1993, Apple made the difficult decision to discontinue the StyleWriter, moving on to explore new avenues in printing technology. While the exact reasons for its discontinuation remain unknown, it is clear that the printer had left an indelible mark on the industry.

Today, the StyleWriter is 33 years old, and it serves as a nostalgic reminder of the tremendous progress made in printing technology. The StyleWriter may have been ahead of its time in 1991, but its legacy lives on as a testament to the constant innovation and progression that defines the tech industry.

Looking at modern printers with their wireless capabilities, multi-functionality, and vibrant color output, it’s hard not to marvel at how far we’ve come. The StyleWriter’s simplicity and elegance, coupled with its reliable performance, continue to captivate vintage technology enthusiasts and remind us of the foundations upon which today’s devices stand.

Apple’s StyleWriter, with its groundbreaking inkjet technology and impressive specifications, left an indelible mark on the printing industry. Although its lifespan was short-lived, the StyleWriter remains a cherished artifact from a bygone era. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it is essential to honor the devices that paved the way for the innovations we enjoy today.

The StyleWriter serves as a reminder of the unwavering spirit of innovation and progress that has driven the tech industry for decades. So, here’s to the StyleWriter and the countless other devices that have shaped our technological landscape.

StyleWriter Details

Introduced March 1, 1991
DiscontinuedJanuary 1, 1993
Original PriceUnknown
Model NumberM8000
Order NumberUnknown
Weight7.5 Ibs.
3.401 KG
Demensions12.5” H x 13.25” W x 5.6” D
31.75 cm H x 33.65 cm W x 14.22 cm D

Printer Specs

TypeThermal ink-jet
Pages Per Minute0.5 Best
1 Draft
CartridgeApple Black Cartridge M8041G/C
Canon Black Cartridge BC-02


Processor SpeedNone
ROM SizeNone
Maximum MemoryNone
Memory SlotsNone
Minimum SpeedNone




Maximum Continuous Power23 W

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