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In the ever-evolving landscape of personal computing, certain devices stand out as pioneers that have shaped the industry’s trajectory. The iMac DV Mid 2000, also known as the “iMac DV Summer 2000,” is one such groundbreaking computer that left an indelible mark on the world of technology. Launched on July 19, 2000, this sleek and innovative machine played a crucial role in establishing Apple as a leader in the personal computer market.

At its release, the iMac DV Mid 2000 was priced at $999, a modest investment for a device that offered a range of advanced features. Boasting a 400 MHz PowerPC 750 G3 processor, a 15” CRT Display, 64 MB of RAM, a 10 GB hard drive, a 24x CD-ROM slot-loading drive, and an 8 MB ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card, the iMac DV was designed to provide users with a powerful and intuitive computing experience.

Notably, the iMac DV Summer 2000 shared similarities with its predecessor, the iMac DV Late 1999, but introduced a departure from the vibrant “fruit colors.” Instead, it featured an “Indigo” or “Ruby” case, setting a new standard for aesthetic appeal in the personal computer market.

The iMac DV Summer 2000 systems shipped with notable enhancements, including a CD-ROM drive (replacing the DVD-ROM drive) and an improved video processor with the same amount of VRAM (8 MB). Apple also addressed user concerns by replacing the Apple USB Keyboard and “hockey puck” Apple USB Mouse with the more user-friendly Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse. Surprisingly, these improvements came with a lower price tag of $999, making the iMac DV Summer 2000 an attractive option for consumers.

Apple’s commitment to innovation extended to the peripherals, as the new iMacs came standard with the Apple Pro Mouse and Pro Keyboard. The Apple Pro Mouse featured precise positioning without a mousepad, an ergonomic full surface button, and a comfortable elliptical shape. Notably, Apple was the first personal computer company to include an optical mouse as a standard accessory. The sleek Apple Pro Keyboard offered full-size function, navigation, volume control, and disc eject keys, along with two USB ports, providing users with a seamless computing experience.

iMac DV Mid 2000 Ruby
Source: collection.powerhouse.com.au – iMac DV Mid 2000 Ruby

All iMac DV models, including the Mid 2000 version, included FireWire ports, enabling seamless connections to digital camcorders and other FireWire devices. Accompanied by the pre-installed iMovie 2 software, users could unleash their creativity in video editing. iMovie 2 featured a refined user interface, enhanced audio editing capabilities, improved controls for titles and transitions, and new effects such as speeding up or slowing down video clips, adding sepia tone, and creating soft focus.

Despite its relatively short lifespan, the iMac DV Mid 2000 had a profound impact on the personal computer market. Its innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly features inspired a new generation of computers. The iMac DV Mid 2000’s legacy persists as an essential milestone in the history of personal computing, contributing to Apple’s ascent as a leading brand in the industry.

As of today, the iMac DV Mid 2000 is 23 years old, yet its impact continues to resonate in the tech industry. This pioneering computer played a crucial role in shaping the personal computing landscape, and its influence is still evident in the sleek and functional designs of modern computers. Whether you are a devoted Apple enthusiast or someone who appreciates the company’s contributions to the tech industry, the iMac DV Mid 2000 remains a computer deserving of recognition and respect.

In the fast-paced world of technology, the iMac DV Mid 2000 stands as a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation and design excellence. Its lasting legacy serves as a reminder of the transformative power of groundbreaking devices that leave an enduring impact on the personal computing landscape. As we celebrate the 23-year anniversary of the iMac DV Mid 2000, we reflect on its contributions and look forward to the continued evolution of personal computing.

Source: mattjfuller.com – iMac Mid 2000

iMac DV Mid 2000 Details

IntroducedJuly 19, 2000
DiscontinuedFebruary 22, 2001
Model IdentifierPowerMac2,2
Model NumberM5521
Order NumberM7639LL/A
Original Price$999
Weight34.7 Ibs.
15.739 KG
Dimensions15” H x 15” W x 17.1” D
38.1 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 43.43 cm D

iMac DV Summer 2000 Tech Specs


ProcessorPowerPC 750 G3
Processor Speed400 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus100 MHz
Cache64 KB L1
512 KB backside L2
CoprocessorBuilt-in FPU

Storage & Media

Storage10 GB
Media1 – Slot-loading 24x CD-ROM


Built-in Memory64 MB
Maximum Memory1 GB
Memory Slots2 – PC-100 3.3v 168-pin SDRAM
Minimum Speed10 ns
Interleaving SupportNo


Built-in Display15″ Shadow-mask CRT Display (13.8″ viewable)
Resolutions640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768


Graphics CardATI Rage 128 Pro
Graphics Memory8 MB
Display Connection1 – VGA
Display ModesVideo mirroring only
External ResolutionN/A


Expansion SlotsNone
Optical Drive InterfaceUltra ATA (Shared with hard disk drive)
Hard Drive InterfaceUltra ATA (Shared with optical drive)


Ethernet10/100BASE-T (RJ-45)
Wi-FiAirPort Card 802.11b (Optional)
USB2 – 12 Mbps
FireWire2 – 400 Mbps (8 W total power
Audio In1 – 3.5-mm analog input jack
1 – Built-in microphone
Audio Out3 – 3.5-mm analog output jack
2 – Built-in speakers
Display1 – VGA


Original OSMac OS 9.0.4
Maximum OSMac OS X 10.4.11
FirmwareMac OS ROM
Bundled SoftwareN/A

Keyboard and Mouse

PeripheralsApple Pro Keyboard
Apple Pro Mouse


Backup Battery3.6 V 850 mAh Lithium (922-4028)
Maximum Continuous Power150 W
Line Voltage100-260 V AC

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