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On September 16, 1988, Apple released a new disk operating system called the Apple GS/OS. Developed specifically for the Apple IIGS computer, it was the second operating system released by Apple after Apple ProDOS 16, but the first to be written entirely to support the 16-bit architecture used in the Apple IIGS.

The release of GS/OS marked a significant change from previous versions of ProDOS, as it included many features of the Macintosh System. This included a Finder, loadable fonts, and plug-in device drivers for peripherals such as modems and printers. This made it a much more advanced and versatile operating system than its predecessor.

ReleasedSeptember 16, 1988
System RequirementsApple IIGS computer
DistributionFloppy disk

Despite being 35 years old, the Apple GS/OS is still highly respected and used by many Apple IIGS enthusiasts today. It is considered to be one of the most stable and reliable operating systems ever developed for the Apple IIGS computer. The final version, GS/OS 4.02, was released on May 6, 1993, and it was later supported by Apple for several years.

Overall, the Apple GS/OS was a major step forward for Apple’s computer systems, and it is still remembered as a classic and groundbreaking operating system. It was a significant contributor to the success of the Apple IIGS computer, and it paved the way for many future advancements in Apple’s operating systems.

Versions of GS/OS

VersionRelease Date
GS/OS 2.0September 16, 1988
GS/OS 3.0May 1989
GS/OS 3.0December 1989
GS/OS 3.03December 1990
GS/OS 3.03February 1991
GS/OS 4.01March 1992
GS/OS 4.02May 6, 1993

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