• Apple Printer IIA

    Apple Printer IIA Explained

    The Apple Printer IIA is a dot matrix printer produced by Apple Computer in the late 1970s. It was compatible with the Apple II family of computers and was capable of printing text and graphics. It was also known for its high-quality print and its ability to print on a variety of paper types. Key…

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  • Apple Printer II

    Apple Printer II Explained

    On June 1, 1978, Apple introduced the Apple Printer II (Centronics Micro printer P1) as part of their Apple Printer Series. This printer, which was available for purchase until June 1, 1979, was designed specifically for use with the Apple II computer series. The Printer II boasted impressive specs at the time of its release,…

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  • Apple Modem IIA

    Apple Modem IIA Explained

    On June 1st, 1978, Apple introduced a new addition to their line of computer accessories: the Apple Modem IIA (also known as the Novation CAT). This communications package promised to extend the capabilities of the Apple II computer by allowing users to transfer programs over the telephone network. At its launch, the Modem IIA had…

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  • Apple DOS 3.1

    Everything You Should Know About Apple DOS 3.1

    Apple DOS 3.1 is a version of the Apple Disk Operating System (DOS) that was used on Apple II computers. It was released in 1978 and was the first version of Apple DOS to include support for multiple disk drives. Key Takeaways The Apple DOS 3.1 is a disk operating system developed by Apple in…

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  • Apple Disk II

    Apple Disk II Explained

    On June 1st, 1978, Apple introduced the world to the Apple Disk II, an external 5.25″ floppy disk drive that was specifically designed for use with the Apple II computer. This revolutionary device was created to replace the slower cassette tape storage that was commonly used by microcomputers at the time. Before the release of…

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