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Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS Datasheet

In the grand tapestry of Apple’s illustrious history, innovation has always been its hallmark. From groundbreaking computers to sleek smartphones, each creation has left an indelible mark on the tech landscape. One such pioneering marvel that often slips under the radar is the LaserWriter 4/600 PS. This unassuming monochrome printer, introduced on June 1, 1995, was a trailblazer in its own right, redefining the standards of printing and earning a hallowed place in the hearts of Apple enthusiasts.

Equipped with a 16 MHz AMD 29200 processor and 4 MB of ROM, the LaserWriter 4/600 PS was a beast ahead of its time. Capable of a printing resolution reaching up to 600 dpi, this printer was engineered to produce exquisite precision. Its printing speed, clocking up to 4 pages per minute, showcased its efficiency, making it a formidable ally for those seeking swift document production.

In an era where seamless connectivity was still a novelty, the LaserWriter 4/600 PS sported a LocalTalk connection port. This ingenious feature ensured effortless integration with Apple computers, amplifying user convenience. Apple was ahead of the curve yet again, creating an ecosystem that now echoes through the tech landscape.

A notable departure from the multicolor printing trend, the LaserWriter 4/600 PS opted for monochrome printing. While some might perceive this as a limitation, it was a masterstroke by Apple. This strategic decision democratized access to top-tier printing, making the technology accessible to a broader audience. In true Apple fashion, they had their finger on the pulse of the market.

The LaserWriter 4/600 PS was a meteoric hit, quickly becoming a mainstay in offices, homes, and schools alike. Its robustness and reliability transformed it into a favorite among Apple aficionados. This iconic printer etched its name in the annals of tech history as one of the era’s finest printing solutions.

As we fast forward 28 years, the LaserWriter 4/600 PS remains an unforgettable star in Apple’s constellation. Its impact on the printing industry remains undeniable, and its memory reverberates among the hearts of Apple devotees. Even for those outside the realm of Apple fandom, the LaserWriter 4/600 PS’s revolutionary spirit is unmistakable, setting the stage for future printer marvels.

The LaserWriter 4/600 PS wasn’t just a printer; it was a piece of art. Its Canon LBP-PX print engine allowed for a dazzling 600-dpi resolution, and it boasted a swift 4 pages-per-minute output, spanning an impressive 100,000-page life.

The printer, compatible with HP LaserJet 4ML toner cartridges, employed cutting-edge FinePrint and PhotoGrade technology to simulate the finesse of higher-resolution printers. A memory compression innovation optimized RAM usage during the printing of intricate documents, a testament to Apple’s commitment to efficiency.

Underneath its sleek exterior, the LaserWriter 4/600 PS hosted a 16 MHz AMD 29200 processor. This powerhouse could rapidly rasterize images from PostScript Level 2 printer data, a testament to its technological might. Its networking prowess, confined to LocalTalk over an RS-422 serial port, was indicative of the times, yet remarkably effective in creating a networked ecosystem.

The LaserWriter 4/600 PS marked the twilight of Apple’s compact laser printer era, with the LaserWriter 8500 assuming the mantle of the final model. This revolutionary marvel had earned its stripes, leaving a lasting impact that even Apple’s subsequent offerings couldn’t erase.

The LaserWriter 4/600 PS was a beacon of innovation, encapsulating Apple’s penchant for pushing boundaries. From its monochrome printing strategy to its unwavering reliability, it remains a testament to Apple’s unparalleled commitment to excellence. This forgotten gem deserves its place in the pantheon of Apple’s triumphs, an unsung hero that reshaped the printing landscape forever.

Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS
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LaserWriter 4/600 PS Details

Introduced June 1, 1995
Original PriceUnknown
Model NumberM3898
Order NumberUnknown
Weight15.5 Ibs.
6.985 KG
Dimensions6.3” H x 15.2” W x 14.9” D
16 cm H x 38.6 cm W x 37.8 cm D

Printer Specs

Pages Per Minute4
LanguagePostScript Level 2
CartridgeApple M2045G/A
HP 92274A


ProcessorAMD 29200
Processor Speed16 MHz
ROM Size4 MB
Maximum Memory6 MB
Memory Slots1 – Custom Card
Minimum Speed70 ns




Maximum Continuous Power450 W

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