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When the Macintosh was first released in 1984, it came with a revolutionary new pointing device: the Macintosh Mouse. Designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple as part of the Apple Mouse series, this mouse was a significant departure from the traditional trackball or joystick devices that had been the norm up until that point.

The Macintosh Mouse was introduced on April 24, 1984, and featured a number of design elements that set it apart from other pointing devices of the time. The case was a slightly darker brown than the beige coloring of the Lisa mouse, which it was based on, and it had less formal lines, with a thick chamfer around its edges to match the Macintosh case.

Mechanically, the Macintosh Mouse was largely similar to the Lisa mouse, with the main difference being that it used a rubber-covered steel ball instead of a steel ball. This change made the mouse more comfortable to use and less prone to slipping. The Macintosh Mouse also featured updated DE-9 connectors, which were square in shape and featured standard thumbscrews.

Despite its revolutionary design and features, the Macintosh Mouse was only sold for a little over three years, being discontinued on October 1, 1987. Today, the Macintosh Mouse is 40 years old and is considered a classic piece of technology history. Although it may seem primitive by today’s standards, it was a major step forward in the development of personal computing and has had a lasting impact on the way we interact with computers today.

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Macintosh Mouse Details

IntroducedJanuary 24, 1984
DiscontinuedOctober 1, 1987
Model NumberM0100
Original PriceUnknown

System Requirements

  • Macintosh with DE-9 port

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