• Apple ImageWriter

    Apple ImageWriter Explained

    In the early days of personal computing, Apple was known not just for its iconic Macintosh computers, but also for its peripherals, including the ImageWriter, a printer that was designed, manufactured, and sold by the company from 1984 to 1987. The ImageWriter was first introduced on April 1, 1984, and quickly became a popular choice…

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  • Macintosh System Software 0.1

    Macintosh System Software 0.1: Release Details

    On May 5th, 1984, Apple released Macintosh System Software 0.1, an operating system designed and developed alongside the Macintosh computer. This was the first update of the Macintosh System Software, and it was a significant milestone in Apple’s history. The Macintosh System Software 0.1 was a maintenance release, featuring updates such as a new Mountain…

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  • Macintosh System Software

    Macintosh System Software: Release Details

    In January of 1984, Apple released the Macintosh System Software, an operating system designed and developed alongside the Macintosh computers. This marked the beginning of a new era in computing, as Apple sought to create a computer with appliance-like simplicity. The first version of the system software, which had no official name, was partially based…

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  • Apple Macintosh Keyboard

    Macintosh Keyboard Explained

    The Macintosh Keyboard was a revolutionary pointing device that was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple from 1984 to 1986 as part of the Apple Keyboard series. It was first introduced on January 24, 1984, alongside the original Macintosh computer, and it quickly became a popular choice among users. One of the most notable features…

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  • Apple Macintosh Mouse

    Macintosh Mouse Explained

    When the Macintosh was first released in 1984, it came with a revolutionary new pointing device: the Macintosh Mouse. Designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple as part of the Apple Mouse series, this mouse was a significant departure from the traditional trackball or joystick devices that had been the norm up until that point. The…

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  • Macintosh External Disk Drive

    Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K Explained

    On January 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K, an external 3.5″ floppy disk drive designed specifically for use with the Macintosh computer. The drive was released on May 1, 1984, and featured a sleek design that matched the aesthetic of the Macintosh itself. Inside the drive, the case was a 400-kilobyte…

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  • Apple Macintosh 128K

    Original Macintosh Explained

    On January 24th, 1984, Apple introduced the world to the original Macintosh, the first computer in the Macintosh series. This all-in-one personal computer, priced at $2,495, featured an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, a 9-inch monochrome display, 128 KB of RAM, a 400 KB floppy disk drive, and the Macintosh System Software. The original Macintosh…

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  • Apple Lisa 2

    Apple Lisa 2 Explained

    On January 1st, 1984, Apple Computer Inc. introduced the world to the Lisa 2, a personal computer that was part of the company’s Lisa series. The computer, which was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple, was met with great excitement upon its release, with its price starting at a steep $3,495. The Lisa 2 featured…

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  • Apple Modem 1200

    Apple Modem 1200 Explained

    In 1983, Apple introduced the Apple Modem 1200 as part of their Apple Modem series. This compact device was designed to make communication with other computers as simple as possible, using just a telephone line. The Modem 1200 was released on December 1, 1983, and had a starting price of $495. The Modem 1200 was…

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  • Apple Modem 300

    Apple Modem 300 Explained

    On December 1, 1983, Apple introduced the Apple Modem 300, a compact and user-friendly communications package that allowed users to easily connect to other computers via a telephone line. Priced at $295, the Modem 300 was the latest addition to Apple’s Modem series. The Modem 300 was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with…

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