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Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K Datasheet

On January 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K, an external 3.5″ floppy disk drive designed specifically for use with the Macintosh computer. The drive was released on May 1, 1984, and featured a sleek design that matched the aesthetic of the Macintosh itself.

Inside the drive, the case was a 400-kilobyte drive, a Sony-made 3 1⁄2-inch single-sided mechanism that was identical to the one installed inside the Macintosh. This allowed users to easily expand their storage capabilities and transfer files between computers.

However, despite its utility, the Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K was ultimately discontinued on January 1, 1986. Today, the drive is 39 years old and serves as a nostalgic reminder of the early days of Macintosh computing.

As technology has advanced, the Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K has become a collector’s item for those interested in the history of Apple and the evolution of computer storage. Despite its age, the drive remains a testament to the innovative spirit of Apple and the ingenuity of its engineers.

Macintosh External Disk Drive 400K Details

IntroducedJanuary 24, 1984
ReleasedMay 1, 1984
DiscontinuedJanuary 1, 1986
Model NumberM0130
Original Price$495

System Requirements

  • Macintosh computer



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