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Macintosh Performa 6360 Datasheet

As the digital landscape hurtles forward, it’s intriguing to cast a glance back at the computers that once reigned supreme. Among these relics of tech history stands the Macintosh Performa 6360, unveiled to the world on October 17, 1996, as a cornerstone of the Performa series of Macintosh computers.

Though its time in the limelight was relatively brief, spanning from its debut until October 1, 1997, when it was discontinued, this iconic machine still holds a special place in the hearts of many tech enthusiasts. Today, after 27 years since its introduction, let’s embark on a journey down memory lane to pay tribute to this remarkable computer.

While the name Performa 6360 may echo earlier models from the Performa 6300 series, the 6360 was a beast of its own, boasting a swifter processor, 8 MB of onboard RAM, and accelerated DIMM-based memory expansion. Not to mention, it sported a zippier CD-ROM drive.

In terms of specifications, the Performa 6360 was a force to be reckoned with for its era. Housing a 160 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 16 MB of RAM, a capacious 1.2 GB hard drive, an 8x CD-ROM drive, and a trusty 1.44 MB floppy drive, this machine commanded a price tag of $1,500 – a princely sum in its day. However, its cutting-edge features made it the go-to choice for users seeking a potent home computer.

Contrary to its external resemblance to the Performa 6200 and 6300, the 6360 was more aligned with the advanced Performa 5400 and 6400 series. Its logic board, codenamed “Alchemy,” played host to PowerPC 603e processors on a nimbler PCI bus, distinguishing it from the LC-based architecture of its predecessors. Two 168-pin DIMM slots enabled RAM upgrades from the base 8 MB soldered onto the motherboard, maxing out at an impressive 136 MB.

With 1 MB of VRAM, it supported up to 8-bit color at 832 x 624 pixels and 16-bit color at 640 x 480 pixels. The expansion slots were a triumvirate: a PCI slot (potentially requiring a riser card), a Comm Slot II for an internal modem or Ethernet card, and a video-in slot ready to accommodate an Apple TV Tuner Card. The CD-ROM and external hard drives hitched a ride on a SCSI bus, while the internal hard drive utilized an IDE bus. Plus, the built-in floppy drive championed 1.44 MB high-density disks.

Straight out of the box, the Performa 6360 came bundled with Mac OS 7.5.3, alongside System Enabler 410 and an assortment of home software. Its swansong operating system was Mac OS 9.1.

Despite its robust specifications, the Performa 6360 couldn’t evade the relentless pace of technological advancement. As newer, more sophisticated computers emerged, it swiftly slipped into obsolescence. Nonetheless, it endures as a pivotal chapter in Apple’s computing saga, a testament to the company’s indomitable spirit of innovation.

In this fast-paced digital age, taking a moment to retrace our tech roots can be a poignant reminder of how far we’ve come – and the Performa 6360 stands as an enduring symbol of that remarkable journey.

Mac Performa 6360
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Macintosh Performa 6360 Details

IntroducedOctober 17, 1996
DiscontinuedOctober 1, 1997
Model Identifier58
Model NumberUnknown
Order NumberM5319LL/A
Original Price$1,500
Weight19 Ibs.
8.618 KG
Dimensions4.3” H x 12.6” W x 16.5” D
10.92 cm H x 32 cm W x 41.91 cm D

Mac Performa 6360 Tech Specs


ProcessorPowerPC 603e
Processor Speed160 MHz
Number of Cores1
System Bus40 MHz
Cache32 KB L1
256 KB L2 (Optional)
CoprocessorBuilt-in FPU

Storage & Media

Storage1.2 GB
Media1 – 1.44 MB Floppy
1 – 8x CD-ROM


Built-in Memory16 MB
Maximum Memory136 MB
Memory Slots2 – 168 pin DIMM
Minimum Speed70 ns
Interleaving SupportNo


Built-in DisplayNone


Graphics CardNone
Graphics Memory1 MB
Display Connection1 – DB-15


Expansion Slots1 – PCI
1 – Comm
1 – Video I/O
1 – TV
Hard Drive InterfaceIDE


SCSI1 – DB-25
Floppy PortNone
Audio In1 – 3.5-mm analog input jack
Audio Out1 – 3.5-mm analog output jack
1 – Built-in speaker
Display1 – DB-15


Original OSSystem Software 7.5.3
Maximum OSMac OS 9.1
FirmwareMacintosh ROM


Backup Battery4.5 V Alkaline
Maximum Continuous Power150 W
Line VoltageUnknown

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